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2019-06-26 22:15:05 常州億創能源科技有限公司 閱讀

In order not to affect the overall aesthetics and normal use of epoxy flooring, the surface of epoxy flooring paint film can be polished once and rolled again. Only the old paint film can be cleaned up and the epoxy floor paint can be re-constructed. The vegetable land needs to be kept in good health for more than 28 days. If there is any discrepancy or empty drum, it should be removed. Once there is a wound cut by an unexpected sharp object (can be repaired, but there are trace), deep scratches should be repaired in time. Primer coatings of epoxy floor paint should be kept clean before construction. If there is debris adhesion, the main agent and hardening agent should be removed in accordance with the correct proportion, and fully stirred. 
When cleaning water or weak alkaline detergent, daily cleaning can be done with broom or soft cloth; using drum or trowel to evenly coat and mix the materials, it takes less than 30 minutes to finish the construction, using neutral detergent to clean, using cloth washing, and then rinsing Guangzhou floor paint with clean water, full and dry, thinning wax.


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