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2019-06-22 22:33:14 常州億創能源科技有限公司 閱讀


In view of the fact that general epoxy floor coatings are difficult to meet the strict requirements for high-cleanliness places in GMP specifications, epoxy self-flowing floor coatings developed by epoxy floor coatings manufacturers are based on 100% solid content special epoxy resins. They have excellent characteristics such as green environmental protection, high gloss, one-time film-forming thickness, strong and wear-resistant film, and are pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and blood with high requirements for cleanliness. It is an ideal floor coating system for all kinds of places, such as dust-free room, precision machinery, microelectronics manufacturing factory, regional room with high comprehensive mechanical and chemical performance requirements.環氧自流平地坪性能特點:

Performance characteristics of epoxy self-leveling floor:

◇ 表面平滑、美觀、達鏡面效果;

Smooth surface, beautiful and mirror effect;

◇ 無溶劑、無氣味、無污染、無毒;

Solvent-free, odorless, pollution-free, non-toxic;

◇ 具有耐酸、耐堿,耐化學品等性能;

It has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical resistance.

◇ 對潮氣、鹽霧、油類及有機溶劑都有良好的抗性;

Good resistance to moisture, salt spray, oil and organic solvents.

◇ 耐磨、耐壓、耐沖擊、耐高溫、防水、有一定的彈性;

Wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproofing, a certain degree of elasticity;

◇ 面層施工一次成型,快速方便。

The surface layer is formed at one time, which is fast and convenient. 光磊牌環氧自流平面漆材料優點:

Advantages of Guanglei Brand Epoxy Self-Flow Flat Paint Material:


It can adjust the smoothness of the finished surface of the floor layer well and achieve a slight anti-slip effect after shaping. As the final decorative surface layer, the film has considerable hardness, forming good mechanical properties. The color of the epoxy self-leveling floor coating material can be blended and produced according to the requirements.


Construction method of epoxy self-leveling floor coating:


OBJECTIVE: To improve the impermeability and wear resistance of epoxy flooring and to obtain a bright color surface.


Construction method of epoxy self-flow plane layer: The epoxy self-flow plane coating material is mixed in proportion of component A: component B = 5:1 and stirred well. The self-leveling surface is sprayed with a prepared trowel or with an airless spraying machine. If sand impurities are found to be removed immediately during construction, the mixing barrel coatings must be stopped and replaced at any time if they are in a hardening state.


Environmental requirements of painting construction: construction base should be kept clean and no cross-operation of other engineering construction is required.


Topcoat construction is generally divided into two processes: the first one is to remove impurities for scraping purposes and as a coloring layer; the second one is to achieve uniform high gloss and lustre by upsetting.

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