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2018-08-22 15:26:43 常州億創能源科技有限公司 閱讀


Mention sheet metal processing may be very strange to everyone, but sheet metal contains a lot of content, as well as involved aspects, so in the operation of sheet metal must be in accordance with the correct operation method to avoid some unnecessary safety accidents, so in order to ensure that everyone can safely construct, To introduce safety operation rules for sheet metal.  Precautions for safe operation of sheet metal:


1. Operators should clean up the site before starting construction. If there are any sundries, they should clean up in time. 2. Check the tools used in the process of operation, whether they are intact, whether they can be used normally, and whether the connection is firm.


3. In the use of machinery and equipment, such as machine tools, welding machines, to check whether the machinery and equipment is normal and intact, grounding is good. Only after all inspections are done, can they be launched and used in accordance with the specified requirements and procedures.


4, welding electrodes used in welding operations should be dry and moisture proof should be avoided. And the welding current should be suitable.


5. Personnel should wear masks and wear protective clothing when doing welding work.


6. If oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottles are to be used, then oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottles should be kept away from the fire and avoid exposure to sunlight and impact.


7, regular inspection of gas cylinders, head and trachea, etc., if there are problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.


8, when handling oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders, special handling cars must be used and must not be dragged on the ground.


9. Before oxygen welding ignition, open acetylene gas first and then oxygen gas, shut off acetylene gas valve when extinguishing. When tempering occurs, the glue pipe should be quickly clamped, and then the acetylene gas valve should be closed.


The above is the safety regulations for sheet metal. According to this method of operation, can ensure the safety of sheet metal in construction, I hope you can use in actual operation.

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