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2018-08-15 19:01:02 常州億創能源科技有限公司 閱讀


How do we determine the alignment method in laser cutting process? The manufacturer believes that the method of determining the trimming line by laser cutting should be analyzed first. The characteristics of laser cutting method to determine the cutting edge line are: cutting fully adapts to the complex changes of panel products, fully simulates the actual mold production situation, does not need manual correction, fast speed, short cycle, good cutting quality.


The program of laser cutting does not leave manual correction, but is a three-dimensional machining program which is completely consistent with the theoretical trimming line and is directly used for cutting products. It can ensure that the cutting process is always consistent with the actual cutting edge state, no two-dimensional lines can not be drawn. The whole cutting process without manual intervention, from the source to ensure that each processing products are consistent with the model, so that the original need for several times to explore the edge of the tangent can be reduced to only need 3 to 4 times to complete.

與通用軟件不同,激光切割軟件一般不單獨銷售,基本上是同機床捆綁銷售。在激光切割機市場日本NTC公司的五軸激光切割機占有絕對優勢,它們捆綁的主要是PEPS PentaCut軟件。與機床捆綁銷售的好處是:軟件中事先已經定制好了機床相關數據,保證程序仿真的真實性與準確性,同時也保證了用戶生成的程序符合機床要求,杜絕了用戶因設置錯誤而造成撞機的可能。這類軟件顯得特別簡單、實用。

Unlike general software, laser cutting software is generally not sold separately, basically bundled with the same machine tool sales. In the laser cutting machine market NTC five-axis laser cutting machine has an absolute advantage, they are mainly bundled PEPS PentaCut software. The advantage of bundling with machine tools is that the relevant data of machine tools have been customized in advance to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the program simulation, but also to ensure that the program generated by the user meets the requirements of machine tools, and to eliminate the possibility of collision caused by wrong settings. This kind of software is very simple and practical.

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